EBPI-ITC Avignon - Lightweight Engineer


Avignon, FR

Mission et contexte

Etex R&D organization is leading the Innovation for Etex group. Its mission consists of innovating in products, systems, services and technologies in order to complete the solutions offer and/or to improve the cost base. The position aims to lead and / or to actively participate in projects, mostly related to in-site and offsite lightweight construction (wood and steel frame), to provide technical support and to ensure knowledge & best practices development.

The capacity to collaborate with all stakeholders (e.g. Marketing teams, Operations Teams, ITC experts…) will be key to succeed in the position. The creation of this position is in the scope of the creation of a new division at ETEX with the acquisition of offsite lightweight construction plants for steel and wood frame construction.

Lien hiérarchique

The position is based in the Innovation and Technology Centre (ITC) of Avignon.

The position is inside the Pole “Product and System Development ” and reports to the R&D Department Manager.

Mission 1

Lightweight construction:

  • Develop the technical knowledge and understanding of lightweight construction more particularly on prefabrication and modular construction
  • Develop knowledge on European regulations and construction mode of steel and wood frame and translate it to product and system development needs
  • Develop the knowledge of prefabrications and modular world for the R&D team
  • Develop technical expertise within the team
  • Be proactive in the research and development of new solutions in his field of expertise and in accordance with the strategy of the R&D team
  • Be responsible for full official testing and evaluation for certification (eg European ETA..) : Liaise with the relevant testing and certification bodies , Prepares all related official documents (DoP, EAD..)
  • Lead technical and development projects with the different external partnerships (Institute, University,…)

Mission 2

Project management:

  • Lead some projects of the department in close collaboration with Marketing (local / global), Operations (local / Global), ITC Teams, external partners . The project management consists in:
    • Managing planning and actions to reach the objectives
    • Requesting for resources and competencies in/out of the department, in/out of ITC (Suppliers, Universities, Contractors),
    • Managing the project Team,
    • Liaising and working with factories, Local companies support staff, Operations, Engineering, Purchasing, Supply chain, IP to ensure the success of the project.
    • Ensuring that EHS and sustainability are considered at any-time
  • Be a teammate in project: as expert in LW construction modes, the person holding this position will be naturally integrated in project team. He will put his expertise and the expertise of the pole to serve the project, by being a proactive teammate, by leading dedicated tasks, by proposing the collaboration of additional competencies of the pole that would help the project to deliver its objectives

Compétences linguistiques

  • French / English native or fluent in English

Valeurs et Compétences Etex

Communiquer avec les autres et être à leur écoute
La Passion pour l’Excellence
Leader par l’innovation

Formation requise

  • Education Masters degree or engineer with professional experience in lightweight construction,
  • From 5 to 10 years of experience
  • Team player.
  • Structured, organized and autonomous.
  • Operational appetence

Compétences fonctionnelles

Behavior skills:

  • Committed with safety,
  • Experience in multi-cultural work environment,
  • Experience in functional management,
  • Innovative and open mindset, willingness to learn and to teach,
  • Ability to manage simultaneously different tasks and/or projects

Compétences techniques

Scientific skills:

  • Advance knowledge in lightweight construction: wood construction preferably, regulations, construction modes, systems performances, connections details
  • Project management
  • Technical Knowledge of lightweight constructions on Products and /or Systems: thermal, mechanics, durability, systems design
  • Experience in modular construction

In +:

  • Knowledge of building regulations: Eurocodes,
  • Knowledge on finite element and CAO  softwares

Contexte géographique et Exigences en mobilité

  • The position is based in Avignon,
  • Business trips in Europe, Latin America
  • Driving license is mandatory