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Tisselt, BE

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The role

International Certifications are needed for the Promat brand to claim performances (mostly of based on applications) and sell products into the market. International certifications are accepted in multiple countries.

Certificates generally 
•    contain a technical file (official test reports) to claim the certified performance, 
•    need regular factory audits to claim the quality of products remains the same as the initial test 
•    have an expiry date what needs maintenance

Examples of international certificates used for Promat:
•    CE based on ETA (used in Europe)
•    CE based on hEN (used in Europe)
•    UL (US, Canada) – mainly used in Industry markets and outside Europe (US, Latam, Asia)
•    Certifire/ LPCB /IFC / Efectis/ UL EU – mainly used in the UK and Asia 
•    Loyds certificates – mainly used in Industry markets
•    IMO / MED – certificates for the global marine market


The objectives of this role are:
Having a Promat certification/approval footprint needed tot support the sales in market segments, initiate new certificates, maintain or withdraw current certificates, with the least impact on factories (audits) and resources needed.

In pratice the role is pro-actively the accelerator and the center of the International certification within the Promat brand,
•    Having a full overview of the international certifications in Promat brand (managed local or global) – available in ICN
•    Annually reviewing the existing certificates in taking action to renew or withdraw the certificates
•    Project management of new certificates requested by the business
•    Set-up and maintenance of the database containing the technical files (official test reports) to claim the certified performance, 
•    Coordinate the factory audits to maintain the certificates (objective is to have minimal amount of audits in a factory per year)
•    Initiate testing for new certificates or maintenance of certificates
•    Continuously networking between Promat platform, local countries in EBP, EI segments and ITC) to have a full scope of certification needs.
•    Continuous improvement certification footprint with official institutes/ notified bodies as well the factory audits in the factories with the objective to have with the least of resources having the certificates for maximizing sales.
•    Drive the conversion of certificates into marketing documentation in collaboration with the global marketing team..

Key Responsibilities

-    Continuous contact with the community members to identify the test needs (local countries, EI segments, global product management).
-    Manage the current existing certificates, contact with certification body or institute.
-    Manage database containing the technical files as back-up for the certificates.
-    Manage factory audits
-    Initiate testing needed for new or maintenance of certificates
-    Administration in ICN (request, PO request, upload certificates and enrich data in fields for search engines) to make all Promat certificates available globally in a central database.
-    Continuous improvement of certification process with the objective to do faster certificates, have minimal amount of factory audits.
-    Yearly proposing the certification cost for ITC-    Secure that ICN is filled with the correct information to have an up to date database.
-    Delivering input to marketing, transfer the certificates into commercial communication tools available for technical and commercial communities.
-    Increase technical knowledge levels in Promat (in collaboration with technical training manager) to secure Promat staying the technical expert. 
-    Be part of crucial technical committees (within EU or with notified bodies)
-    Keep up to date about legislation changes (CPR is an important one for Promat)

About you

- Master in technical/engineering sciences (building, mechanics, thermodynamics, architect)
- Extensive experience in the (building) sector, preferably in the area of passive fire protection
- Extensive experience in the world of certification and approvals (CPR, UL, etc…)
- Work experience in an international context
- English, both in written and verbally


A successfull candidate will bring to the team:

•    Analytical skills
•    Leading & Coaching
•    Creation of network.
•    Pro-active attitude
•    Business Acumen
•    Punctual in administration and organised database management.

Our Social Responsibilities  

Etex has a clear commitment to help build a better, sustainable future. We work towards this vision by caring about our social and environmental impacts and working on innovative solutions for the building industry. 

Our ambition is to reduce negative effects and scale up positive impacts. We prioritise decarbonisation, including the use of renewable energy, as well as circularity, with a first focus on waste management.

We engage in a wide range of voluntary initiatives which offer support to local communities through partnerships and social projects. Our teammates know their local communities best, we are proud of the numerous projects and actions initiated around the world that are based on the awareness of their communities’ needs.


Commitment to diversity 

We’re incredibly proud of the community we’ve created at Etex. We form a global team of over 13,500 individuals from an enormous variety of backgrounds, races, faiths, and genders. Our diversity is our strength, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our teammates feel included and happy at work. 

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Good luck with your application 

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