Lucrăm la modalități de a inspira moduri de viață în întreaga lume, dar acest lucru nu se realizează într-o singură zi.
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  • Plant Manager

    "I started with Lafarge in August 2008 as a Calcination operator, I spent a month training in Germany prior to the commissioning of the Ferrybridge Plant which was a massive investment from the business to ensure the correct training was given from day one. It was this investment from the business in my personal development that made me want to push further and progress within the company. The steps I took to get to be the Plant Manager at Ferrybridge was to continually push myself out of my comfort zone, I Tried my best to utilise the knowledge and skills of the people around me to enable me to learn and continually develop. The business has allowed me the opportunity to go through each step of my progression with the support, Training and development to allow me to succeed." - Paul Hartshorne, UK

  • Regional Commercial Manager

    "Etex has given me real autonomy in my roles to date. This has given me the opportunity to get involved in certain aspects of business that other companies may have tried to shelter me from, this exposure I believe has been integral to my development and recent promotion. The company are more than happy to invest in people’s development, in fact they encourage it and will help guide you. However you are asked to map this journey yourself to a degree, I see this as a positive and the business have supported me with my development since I joined, be it in the shape of external courses, one to one tuition or shadowing of colleagues." - Charlie Boultwood, UK

  • Training Coordinator Workplace Learning

    "Etex is an employer that provides opportunities. In my 36 years at Etex, I have had the opportunity to fill various positions. Started as a production operator, then executed various leadership positions for 25 years to currently work as a training coordinator for workplace learning in our factory. I get my energy from working with people, supporting and training them to make them even better in what they do. My current job suits me perfectly. With my broad experience, I have a good understanding of the needs and priorities of workplace learning in our factory. I make concrete training plans and support our factory employees to share their knowledge in a structured way. This enables us to lift each other and our entire production to a higher level. Etex is a stable and sustainable company that offers job security. With my son who works within R&D, it is already the 5th generation of our family who is working for Etex." - Patrick Cornelissens, BE

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Working at Etex

Strong people make strong companies, and vice versa. This is why Etex empowers employees to reach both personal and professional goals in a way that aligns with their contributions to our company milestones.

Alăturați-vă nouă pentru a face o diferență

Etex este un loc pentru oamenii care doresc să aibă un impact uman pozitiv - cei care sunt motivați să schimbe viețile oamenilor, să îmbunătățească viitorul planetei și să ofere rezultate superioare clienților noștri. O carieră alături de noi vă va ajuta să învățați, să creșteți și să conduceți, în timp ce căutăm să construim o lume mai bună prin noi moduri de viață inspirate. 

Working at Etex



Cum este să lucrezi pentru Etex? Ei bine, nu vă mai întrebați! Am trimis unul dintre coechipierii noștri cu o echipă de filmare pentru a vă oferi o privire asupra a ceea ce se întâmplă în culisele companiei noastre. Urmăriți acest scurt videoclip pentru a descoperi de ce oamenii noștri sunt prioritatea noastră principală și pentru a vă inspira.


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